SGPOST © is a direct and reverse postprocessor generator capable of decoding data from the main CAD / CAM software on the market.


Direct decoding:

• NX
• VX / ZW3D
• HyperMILL
• CamWorks
• HSM Inventor

Reverse decoding:

Reverse decoding allows the transfer of an ISO program between two machines with different kinematic characteristics and / or digital controllers. The saving in programming time is considerable, especially if the CAD / CAM data no longer exists or comes from another CAD / CAM software than that used by your programmers.


The postprocessors developed with SGPOST decode text files of the “APTSOURCE” type (extension of CATIA) but also binary files of the “CLFILE” type. These files come from CAD / CAM software.
Postprocessors convert CAM data for different types and kinematics of machine tools:
• 2-axis turning
• 3-axis turning / milling
• 5-axis bi-spindle and bi-turret turning center
• 2 to 6 axis milling
• Cutting machines for wood
• 4-axis wire cutting
• Laser or water jet cutting 2 or 5 axes
• Punching
The conversion is done in the different controller languages:
• MILL +
• PA
• ...


SGPOST © converts text or binary files from CAD / CAM software into ISO code specific for numerically controlled machine tools.
The operation of SGPOST revolves around 3 blocks which are:
• Grammar: definition of syntax specific to each CAM
• The controller: definition of the machine tool command manager
• Macros: set of particular instructions imposed by the controller or defined by the user



SGPOST interface

Interface SGPOST is intended to be clear and uncluttered and thus provides an efficient and easy-to-use working environment. The main window is partitioned into 3 zones with DEBUG mode activated.

Description of windows:

① Main window:

Displays the input and output data, but also if requested, the display of macros browsed as well as the differences in processing between 2 ISO files.

② Main debug window:

Breakpoints on a specific macro activate debug mode. This mode allows in particular the step-by-step execution of macros during interpretation.

③ Secondary debug window:

Window for displaying system or user variables for detailed step-by-step debugging.

SGPOST functionalities:

✓ Multi-channel management
✓ No management limit for linear or rotary axes
✓ Preparation of the input file
✓ Optimized choice of head position to avoid rollovers during the journey
✓ Automatic reversal if head / plate at limit of travel
✓ Drilling cycles
✓ Possibility to force point to point output for cycles and circular interpolations
✓ Creation of user macros
✓ Creation of user variables
✓ Definition of specific M codes
✓ Definition of specific G codes
✓ Definition of specific G codes
✓ Tool documentation for the workshop

✓ Tool documentation for the workshop
✓ Machining time taking into account the feeds / accelerations / jerk of each axis
✓ Auto 3D correction if the CAM output offers normal components
✓ 3D correction with calculation of the normal on specific machining
✓ A postprocessor for different input files
✓ Own development language for the definition and / modification of macros
✓ Step-by-step debugging mode with display of interpreted lines and content of variables on demand
✓ Creation of probing operations in manufacturer format (HEIDENHAIN, SIEMENS cycles) or SGPOST own format.
✓ Creation of postprocessor compiled to prevent modification by a third party or temporary distribution to a subcontractor


Reverse decoding / Reverse postprocessing

SGPOST © is also able to decode ISO files to generate an APT text format file or to perform syntax checks

Easy maintenance

No compilation needed after a macro / grammar / controller file modification. Interpretation is instantaneous and therefore saves development time.