Postprocessor development

Custom postprocessor development on site

NCSOFT can intervene at the customer's site to meet the specific needs of a targeted production on a machine or a more general method to be implemented on the entire machine park. With this approach, the client benefits from personalized expertise and a stronger transmission of knowledge than if it were not done remotely.

Remote postprocessor development

NCSOFT delivers postprocessors based on the specifications provided by the customer. Support for use is provided at the time of delivery.



SGPOST standard training

The standard training is intended for users wishing to manage their machine park themselves, to make the necessary modifications linked to changes in the use of the machine or in programming methods, and breaks down as follows:
• Presentation / use of the SGPOST structure
• Introduction to the SGPOST macro language
• Modification / Creation of existing macro
• Creation of a new postprocessor

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Advanced SGPOST training

Access to this training requires either having followed the standard training, or being able to perform the tasks necessary to create a custom postprocessor. This training is broken down as follows:
• Basic reminders
• Reading and writing files
• Use of environment variables
• Multi-channel machines
• Introduction to probing

NCAXIS training

The purpose of this training is to give the user full autonomy in setting up his configuration:
• Tool creation
• Creation / import of rough
• Definition of origins
• Creation of a template file
• Part export

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