NCAXIS © is used to check the kinematic behavior of the machine tool from the ISO or APT file and to represent the result of machining.

Adapted to complex machines, NCAXIS © allows any type of machine configuration: multi-axis milling, multi-axis and multi-spindle turning.



Machine simulation allows:
✓ Checking tool, tool holder, machine, part collisions
✓ Machine stroke control
✓ ISO syntax check
✓ Checking the machining result and comparing
✓ Localization of errors thanks to the association of the graphics and the associated current position in the file.
✓ Fixed errors with associated editing tools

Easy to use

NCAXIS © has an easy-to-use programming language to interpret the particular functions of machines or reduce operator actions: creation of the machining blank and creation of tools.


Material removal:

This module authorizes the use of stock in STL, IGES, VRML format or even stock directly defined in NCAXIS. A 3D export is possible for an import in another machine for example.